ABC...Left? Right? or Centre?

ABC…Left? Right? or Centre?

The ABC is at last being challenged over its undeniable left wing bias and lack of balance in its coverage of current affairs and politics.

In attempting to excuse its attitude, one ex-ABC employee recently made the stunning claim that:

… the ABC’s news and current affairs has at last realised the purpose for which it was established – to balance any anti-government stance of the newspapers …


The ABC certainly wasn’t balancing any “anti-government stance(s)” when the Howard Government was being belted up on a daily basis.

And what about Jon Faine on ABC 774 ?

Broadcasting to Victoria for three and a half hours every week-day, Faine’s hatred and disdain for anything associated with the Coalition parties is massive.

The ABC’s charter calls for balance yet presenters on programs like 7.30, Lateline, Insiders, are all boosters for the Left and Green politics.

Tony Jones Q & A program is claimed to have audiences that are 45% Coalition voters, 35% Labor voters, 12% Greens.

Just how does the ABC construct such an audience?

In any event, the moment the applause starts we can see the real audience structure.  And that’s before Jones has culled the questions “you get to ask” and used his personal interventions and interruptions to derail the lone conservatives invited onto a panel of 5 guests.

The Sydney Institute’s Quarterly of March 2012 says:

There is no conspiracy here. It’s just that, over the decades, left-of-centre types at the ABC have appointed left-of-centre types. The culture of the public broadcaster is so narrow that many people making appointments do not understand that there are valid positions contrary to their own.

An ABC that broadcasts to Australia and is so blatantly one sided in its coverage of politics and current affairs is a threat and danger we can do without.