Death Penalty...right or wrong?

Death Penalty…right or wrong?

You may not have heard any news regarding the botched execution of convicted Rapist and Murderer Clayton Locket in the US state of Oklahoma. You can see the article following this blog post for further information on what actually happened.

But it has certainly made one think.

As an advocate of the death penalty, I personally believe it should apply in this Country for extreme crimes…in cases where there is little doubt that the accused is guilty as charged.

Ranted has written about Violence in our community before and we firmly believe its an ever worsening problem in our society.

Take a look at the case of the mass killer Anders Breivik. Breivik killed 77 people, and was given a 21 year sentence.

It seems that killers, rapists and other perpetrators of heinous crimes are receiving more and more lenient sentences, yet those people committing smaller, less harmful acts…are given more harsh penalties.

You could even go one step further, and say our world is becoming so paranoid, and our governments so quick to introduce new laws, that we just seem to be overlooking the age old crimes of murder and rape.

Will it eventually be a case of somebody downloading a pirated movie, is jailed in the same prison wing, with the same length of sentence as a convicted murderer?

…what if it was your daughter, mother or sister who was the victim…raped and violently murdered…

I am not for one minute saying that rapists should face the death penalty, nor should somebody face the death penalty for a drink driving death. But acts like Breivik and a closer to home case, the murder of Jill Meagher by serial rapist and parolee, Adrian Ernest Bayley, need to have much harsher repercussions.

The “king hit” scenario is another that I believe wouldn’t fit the death penalty, but we certainly need to have harsher sentences on thugs that feel they have a right to commits acts of violence against total strangers, simply because they annoy them or commit a perceived snub against somebody at a pub or club.

Is our society so mixed up that we feel violence is the solution to everything?

Fights back in my day were telling somebody to “Fuck off” and then being called a “Dickhead”, maybe a bit of a push and shove. An escalated fight was when somebody threw a loose haymaker, and ended up with a sorer hand, than the person they struck.

Now…it seems people “train” to go out and get in fights…everybody is a wannabe UFC fighter. Its become a way of life for those with bigger muscles than brains…and lets be honest, those people that do throw king hits around at pubs, are generally idiots, without a brain cell between either ear.

Yes, it is true, people who commit ese crimes may not stop and think about the consequences of their actions in the heat of the moment, but perhaps if there is a more serious consequence behind acts of murder and violence…our society as a whole may begin to have a different attitude towards violence, and the stigma may shift if it goes from getting a slap on the wrist when committing acts of violence, to an appropriate sentence.

I have no sympathy for this “botched” execution…to me it says Karma.

Something I always wonder about those that protest against the death penalty…what if it was your daughter, mother or sister who was the victim…raped and violently murdered. Would they still protest so loudly?

Botched execution highlights US lethal drug dilemma (via AFP)

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