Open Letter to Richmond - Take 2

Open Letter to Richmond – Take 2

Seems our original Open Letter to Richmond post generated some real emotion from some of our followers, and Tiger Members as a whole.

Surprisingly, most were in total agreement with Ranted.

One of our favourite posts was from George, and with his permission, we have posted that below for you…have a read over, as he makes some great points.


I’m a 30 year old die hard gold member of 14 consecutive years.

I signed up in 2001 and was lucky to watch the Tiges play finals in my first year as a member.

I then had to wait 12 years to see the Tiges play their next finals game.

Current form and attitude has me wondering if I’ll have to wait another 12 years for my third finals game.

Over the last 14 years I’ve been to almost every Melbourne game with my dad, I can probably count the games I have missed on one hand. A sucker for punishment some may say. I tipped the Tiges and Kangas to break into the top four this year, it seems I have one right, and one completely wrong.

If we continue to play how we have played in the first six rounds, we will finish bottom six to eight.

We beat Carlton because they couldn’t kick straight in the last quarter, and we beat a severely depleted Brisbane outfit.

I consider this unacceptable.

Why are we performing so poorly?

Attitude, skills, confidence, depth and pace. Attitude or work ethic is a non-negotiable for me. If you’re in the best 22, you better be giving your all.

I’ve seen too many games over the years, where we are down by 30-40 points in the 3rd quarter (a perfect example is last week against the Hawks) and the white flag goes up. The fizz just goes out of the game, and the G goes silent.

Other teams fight and make their way back into the game. And vice versa, when we are up by 30-40 points in the 3rd quarter or later, our attitude seems to be “that will do”, unlike the top teams who are relentless and bury teams in their grave.

Examples of great attitude or work ethic in our team over the last few years: Cotchin, Morris, Newman, Jackson, Rance, Maric, Deledio, Foley. In my eyes these guys are the benchmark for attitude and work ethic, unfortunately only half of them have played this year. A couple of them won’t be in the team next year. Of this group, I would consider Deledio the only A+ grade kick of the football, whose kicking efficiency is consistently high. Newman is probably an A, and Cotchin probably a B+, with the potential to be an A.

At the other end of the spectrum we have another A+ grade kick of the football, with a shocking attitude and work ethic, Dusty. I have all my limbs crossed that his attitude will change as he matures. The question is, whether he will be playing with the Tiges when he is a mature adult.

You can also throw into the poor attitude and work ethic bag, the likes of Vickery and Batchelor. How many km’s would Dusty and Vicks run in 80 mins of footy?

I run 15kms in 80 mins, and I’m a paper pusher, with no running background, whose training schedule over the last 12 months has consisted of one run a week.

It’s between the ears more often than not. Looking to the future, our hopes rest with players like Conca (current age 21), Ellis (current age 20), Vlaustin (current age 20), Astbury (current age 23), Griffiths (current age 22), who seem to have the right attitude/work ethic and potential for consistently high kicking skills.

The other reason we are not performing this year, is confidence. We are not moving the ball quickly like we were last year. When you’re winning games, it’s always much easier to play free flowing football, with run, carry, handball.

When you’re losing games, human nature generally means we will go into our shells a little.

Dimma needs to tell them to take the game on this weekend against the Cats, run, carry, handball.

Are they scared of making a mistake? If so, this is a fault of Dimma. He needs to fill the squad with confidence and ask them the take the game on, take risks.

Run, carry, handball.

Perhaps with Lids back this week, something will click.

If they don’t want to run and carry, if they don’t want to work hard, then they should be dropped. No one is immune, including Dusty.

On Dimma, I think he’s a good coach on the training field. I’ve questioned over the last couple of years whether he has what it takes to take the team to the next level. The chips are down, backs to the wall, he needs to prove his worth as a coach over the coming weeks.

Depth, we have none. Take away our best defender in Rance, best running midfielder in Lids and best ruckman in the Mullet, and we will struggle to cover them. Injuries are never an excuse, unfortunately and the reality is we don’t have the depth of other teams.

Remember four years ago today we were 0 wins 6 losses, after a massive player clean out. It takes 6-8 years to develop depth.

The last issue is pace. Take out White, Foley and Deledio and we are slow. I blame the club for Whitey leaving. He stuck fat with us and when he was performing extremely well at the start of last year, we kept throwing him the substitutes vest.

You need to reward effort and performance; we didn’t, so he left.

There’s an obvious big name I’m yet to speak of, Jack. I don’t care what anyone says, he works hard. Historically his attitude has been below par, I think he has improved that this year. On current form he deserves to be in the leadership team, not Chaplin.

At 2-4, it really is on the line this week against the Cats. Win, and we can still make the eight. 2-5 makes is very hard to fight back and play finals. I consider not playing finals this year as unacceptable.


Well said George!