This is Australia...or is it?

This is Australia…or is it?

It’s a hard thing to try and address some of the points I’d like to cover in this article, without leaving myself open to being labeled a racist, ignorant, or a myriad of other names that are currently trending in our society today…

— Insert here a comment by some lefty poo stain who picks up a typo or makes a personal slur against me —

But I don’t really care. Label away.

This country is becoming an embarrassment. We are becoming overrun by politically correct wankers, that really have nothing but their own super huge egos at heart.

Take a look at the ridiculous TV show channel ten seems intent on plugging and persisting with, The Project…and I have to be honest, this show was actually what triggered this rant…simply because it is full of ignorant fools, who hide behind some pretty faces, topical arguments and clearly like to be part of and involved with some influential minority’s…yet they really lack any substance or credibility.

I happened to catch tonight’s (6/4/13) encore airing of the show, during which a presenter discussed if this country was racist or not? Clearly the journalist reporting this was of some middle eastern and/or East Asian descent…I will freely admit, I don’t know which particular region, not because I’m racist, but simply because I didn’t know this bloke from a bar of soap and I didnt care really where he was from, it has no bearing on my article tonight.

This so called journalist was made even more pathetic when he started trying to convince us he was part of this so called racist scourge.

So, I would like to make a statement…


By any measurement.

If you disagree with that statement, then leave. It’s as simple as that.

Your wrong. I’m right, and Australia as a society is right.

If you disagree, you shouldn’t be here, and you have no right to try and change us to your twisted point of view.

Anyone who says we are racist, should “fuck off home”, which is simply to quote from a letter sent to our pal from The Project tonight, the racially vilified, “Australian” racist. If they really understood OUR culture, and OUR people, they would know how far wrong that statement is.

These so called racially vilified groups seem to have been given an extremely loud voice in our society right now…They get heard. They get freedom. They get welfare, they get jobs. They get accepted. They get LIFE.

We open our hearts and our lives to any body who will accept our way of life and our lifestyle. We are giving, we are accepting, we are generous.

Take a walk down Victoria Street, any of the various multi cultural High Streets or Lygon Street in Melbourne any day of the week. Does that alone not show how open this country is to different races and different cultures, and all those amazing people…apparently it doesn’t…probably because the Project Team, aka Bickmore, the no name bloke with the parted hair and our racially vilified racist friend rarely leave the $100k annual salary regions they spawn in to see these areas…are they in touch with this country?

I doubt it.

Yet they are the ones “making” the news! Note I said making news, not reporting it. Reporting went out years ago.

We, as a people, are made up of all flavours, obviously our indigenous people, Greeks, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italians, Lebanese, Germans, New Zealanders…and many more. It makes this country what is is today, and gives us such depth of character and variety of lifestyle that we all know and love in our society.

I have close friends amongst most of these ethnicities, and each one of them has embraced and enjoyed this country and its people…

Ask anybody who has lived in strongly Greek orientated areas of Melbourne or Sydney, or Asian settled areas of the same city’s.

Those immigrants love this country and its lifestyle, embracing it all. Yet they add a distinct blend of spice to its incredible lifestyle recipe.

Sure, they have their own pockets and they live as a minority culture in our cities, but they still become part of this nation and its people.

Yeah, they have complaints, and yeah, they have had issues in the past…trying to fit in…trying to get by. But they come here with nothing, not a cent to their name.

Maybe a suitcase…

Maybe the shirts on their backs…

Not much more…

They work hard. They build a life. They succeed.

But never have they questioned this country and its people in the way the current batch seems intent on doing.

They never stuck out a hand and then once that hand is full, proceed to not just bite it, but savagely attack it…using the freedom this country has given them as a means to launch this attack…like seems to happen daily at the moment.

Our current group of immigrants seem intent on destroying, changing and hating this country.

I can’t help but be concerned by the amount of respect and exposure these vocal “Australian Hater” immigrant groups get from our media and our people in positions of power.

For a guy to get onto national television, (as happened tonight on the project) and ask if we are a racist country, without any evidence what so ever to support his flimsy claims, besides some ridiculous, isolated youtube video and of course the colour of his skin…because come on, that’s the ultimate credibility in this argument…just amazes me.

It’s almost like our current bunch of mouthy, well (over?) educated yuppies, are intent on trying to seem culturally trendy by supporting these ridiculous claims of racism and by allowing idiotic segments to go to air, such as tonights effort by our poor racially vilified, racist reporter.

Would any other story, with such flimsy supporting evidence, be allowed any journalistic airtime?

Not a chance. At least not in the real Australia we used to live in…

This current one we live in is becoming a place nobody wants to be a part of.

The current generation immigrants hate it because we are racist…

The last generation immigrants hate that they got nothing, yet now it’s all presented on a silver platter….

…and the rest of us are just sick of mouthy, pretentious, over educated wankers telling us how racist and incorrect we are as a people…